Living on the clouds


Some of the remotest corners of the planet are located in the heart of its highest mountain ranges. Life is extremely harsh in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Karakoram, the Hindu Kush or the Pamir Mountains, yet some peoples, shepherd and nomad tribes continue to inhabit these places. They are used to travelling across those vertiginous hills and ravines in search of the pasture necessary to guarantee the survival of their herds, at the speed the seasons would allow them to and in perfect harmony with nature. Their life is an endless adventure they set off for every day, as their ancestors have done for centuries.

The series entitled “Living on the Clouds” focuses on the close relationship built between human beings and their environment; that is, on those lives which are closely linked to the Earth.

All the documentaries take place in Central Asia, where the highest mountain ranges in the planet can be found: from the frontiers of ancient Persia to the perennial snows of the Karakorum, including the Pamir and Hindu Kush mountains. These ranges provide shelter to several groups of men and women who have turned ‘The World’s Ceiling’ into their home.

The original proposal consists of four 25-minute-long programmes but could be extended in the future.


A different aspect of these peoples’ everyday life is described in each chapter: their work, social relationships, journeys, caravans, rituals… The story is entirely told by its protagonists, together with an initial off-screen voice supporting the storyteller by adding objective information. Every programme boasts its own identity, but it is by means of the combination of all of them that a global knowledge about these peoples’ situation throughout a whole year can be acquired, for each documentary is set in a certain season. We will get to know each group’s special characteristics and the general bonds existing between the different communities. As if they were part of a puzzle, all the programmes complement each other so as to offer a much more complex final work. Although this series has originally been projected to comprise four documentaries, being therefore structured in four seasons, it should be possible to subsequently extend it so that it would include more chapters.

The locations chosen to set these four initial programmes are: Pakistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Iran

Teaser “Living on the clouds”

Documentary “Living on the clouds”. Chapursan valley (Pakistan)

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